Business is __________. Fill in the blank?

Business is __________. Fill in the blank.

For the longest time, my answer was: “Business is strategic”

This created a lot of heaviness for me. It put a big burden on me to really think things through and make the most calculated move. To come up with the best solution. To make the most educated decision. To make the most smart and strategic choice. It served me. But boy was it exhausting.

This week, I have chosen to redefine my relationship with business.

After talking to a close friend, I decided to change how I see business.

Now, business is an exciting opportunity.

Being strategic is what allows me to take advantage of the exciting opportunities in front of me. Because I can see how to most effectively capitalize on the opportunities available to me. However, I am no longer being strategic for strategy sake. Or to get to some outcome that I need in order to be content. I am choosing to be excited by the opportunity of making the moves and what that will hold and unlock in my ability to navigate the business world with more grace.

In short: it boils down to the difference between outcome and process. Journey and destination. Strategic was a way of traveling down the journey. It served me. I also want to travel down the journey in a way that makes me excited about the opportunity.

What is your relationship to what is being shared?

Please post/comment below.

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